The Brown Crayon Chronicles II

by Honest Babe on August 24, 2015

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Fiddlesticks and Forget-Me-Knots

Here’s my two cents on love:

You can’t play the fiddle
without a riddle.
Consider this a ditty to help you on your way.

It should be fast and freeing and slow and calming and warm and fiery…

Full of flame.

Of Life Inextinguishable.

It should be obvious, just as all those descriptors scream obviousness.
It should be apparent in its ability to change and grow
just as you scream to change and grow.
Its adaptation,
that is the mark of two-vines intertwined,
whose roots grow thicker, stronger…
Screaming loud, a happy tangled mess.
Full of blunders and mistakes,
Distinctly nettled and all knotted up
…for what is love if not two fools
being messy with their hearts?
And smiling through the chaos.
The wild friction.
The simple heat.

It should be easy.
It should be other things too, of course,
it should be every thing
But this is the one you can’t trade out,
the ease of it.

Want to know what easy sounds like?
Just say her name and there you will have it.


But don’t get it twisted, that vine,
Don’t confuse ease with complacency.

For it should be challenging too.
The sort that makes you want to recycle your worth to her upon every waking morning.

It should also be safe.
The sort that makes you feel secure while jumping out of airplanes.

It should be entertaining.
The sort that makes you long for the mundane times of life, because they deserve reruns like an episode of Seinfeld.

It should be enchanting.
The sort that can only be found when watching her sleep.

It should be understanding, undying, and forever undone.
It should exist in you…and out of you too.
Yes, you should glow.
And if you haven’t felt it yet,
that illustrious aura,
keep searching.

Cynics be damned.

For it should also be full of cheese and sentiment
and everything wrong that is right about a ‘90s rom-com:

The Minx was good with her hands.
I told her,
“You can be the handy one,
and I’ll just be handsy.”
She liked that.
I even think she liked me.
I had a knack for falling face first into luck.
Luck and Love are synonymous,
by the way.
(And if you don’t believe that,
check out the faces of a couple swimming in it.
Note two of the luckiest goddammed smirks on the planet,
Smirks who need no life-jackets by the way.
Floating is their thing.)

“Your words are an inspiration,” she said.
“Alcohol is the inspiration, I am just the medium through which it flows.”
Brunette curls jostled lightly back and forth.
“You’re cheesy and horribly hopeless and it is all so endearing, I tremble..”
“You’ve been drinking too much again.” I said.
It was our first rock-glass, but still.
“You share your pain. You don’t know what that does for people.”
“Mr. Bartender, no more for this young lady here.”
“You’re missing my point. You don’t know what it does for me.”
My bar napkin twirled and twirled.
It was our first rock-glass, but still,
not to be our last.

We tied one on.

A knot not forgotten,
for fiddler’s of life we were.
And this was our tune,
it was the only one we knew
so we played it loud and on repeat.
It was that of Improvised Luck;
Of foul-ups and fuckery,
Fiddlesticks & Forget-Me-Knots.

Nick Drake – From This Morning
Sly Stone – Just Like A Baby
Ray Charles – That’s Enough
The Doors – Touch Me
Joe Williams – Alright, Okay, You Win
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Simple Girl
El Guincho – Mientes (ft. Julieta Venegas)
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes – Home
Marvin Gaye – It Takes Two
Otis Redding – These Arms of Mine
Little Willie John – Talk To Me, Talk To Me
Elmore James – Rollin & Tumblin

Tom Jones – She’s A Lady
Nat King Cole – L-O-V-E

PS. More doo-doo doodling to be found here.

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